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How Microcredit Is Changing Village India

Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos

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Renowned author and journalist Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos uses her talent for investigative reporting to take us deep into the poorest villages in India. Yet, far from being passive victims of their circumstances, the women who live there have joined forces and are making astute use of microcredit to break the cycle of poverty.

What people are saying

Read this book! The women described within these pages demonstrate an extraordinary courage and determination to not only survive, but to thrive. Kismet Dyment , Environmental Book Review
Well-documented, eminently readable and uplifting. Maya Khankhoje , Herizons Magazine
Sleeping on hut floors and traveling on rickety buses and dusty rickshaws, she writes of her intimate interactions with the women of India with warmth and optimism… Sarah Fletcher , Montreal Review of Books

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Microcredit consists of small loans offered in developing countries mostly to impoverished women, with no requirement for collateral, so that they can start small businesses.

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